Many of us are not satisfied in our workplace. According to a current LinkedIn data survey, about half of working boomers are looking for a career change. Some of us are interested in switching employers while others are seeking ways to reinvest in their current workplace. Now an increasing number of job seekers are emphasizing diversity, equity, and inclusion. Many business organizations are warming to older applicants as age-friendly employers. Here we are suggesting some ways to find an age-friendly employer

Check the age-friendly employer’s list

You may not get any central clearinghouse of all age-friendly employers. So, it is wise to consider the reliable lists of all age-friendly employers. It is a good starting point indeed. Some of these lists may be thousands of employers who are promoting equal opportunity for all workers, regardless of age. You may consult these lists to find age-friendly employers.

Consider small companies

If you are an older job seeker, small companies might be the best bet for you. But the age-friendly list mainly features big companies. Small companies tend to have small budgets. They want to hire an experienced employee to reduce the cost of training. That’s why a growing number of small businesses are run by people over 50. New York City-based career coach Lynn Berger said, “Older managers might encourage and hire people who they view as their peers.”

Try to attend a professional gathering

When possible, you can attend some professional events that target aged job seekers. Now many webinars are arranged for 50+ job seekers which could be a good way to find age-friendly employers. Some physical networking meetings could be a great place to connect with employers who like to hire an older employee.

Regularly check the company’s vacancy status

Many companies represent their age-friendly requirement either on their website or in their social media feed. Try to check those regular bases so that you can get the right age-friendly clues about those companies. You also should look at the company’s main career page.