The sunroom is a space in your house where you can enjoy the outdoors without being bothered by weather elements. You can keep insects away while allowing fresh air into the room. Because it is a roofed structure that is glass-enclosed.

On the other hand, a screened porch is a space in your home where you can allow the breeze to flow freely. Instead of using glass windows screened porches use fiberglass screens. That’s why a screen porch is more affordable than a sunroom.

The sunroom is a wonderful space to spend time with your family and friends. This place is not only suitable for sunny weather but comfortable also during a light rainstorm or December snowfall. Because it is covered with glass that can help you to enjoy the outdoors without bothering with the weather. You can enjoy the warm breeze during the warmer seasons.

A screened porch is the least expensive option who like to have an open lightful space in their house. It is covered with a screen instead of glass. The screens can protect your furniture and belongings. But the main problem is bad weather can expose your screen and framework which can be uncomfortable in the long run. That’s why many people like to convert their screened porch to a sunroom or three-season room.