How A Digital Detox Can Improve Your Sex Life


Digital detox is a phenomenon when a person refrains from using their electronic devices for a certain period. All computers, smartphones, and other electronic devices will be used only for emergencies. During this time, the person will emphasize social interaction that doesn’t require technology.

A couple also can implement this method to re-discover their romance. Nowadays social media has become a major source of stress and anxiety. Recent research mentioned that about 41% of people feel some sort of anxiety that comes from social media networks. In this situation, a digital detox can be a good way to focus on our real lives instead of browsing the virtual world.

Benefits of digital detox

Several types of research have been conducted to explore the effects of digital detox. It has proven that digital detox has a significant impact on increasing our focus and developing our mental status. It can make us more productive by reducing stress and increasing our concentration power. We can feel more secure and calmer. It has a profound effect on our sex lives by spending more private time together. In the modern world, digital devices are creating distance in our relationships. A digital detox can help us to overcome that situation.

An Associate Professor in Communication and Media Studies at Fordham University Dr. Sharif Mowlabocus explained, “Even if you know it’s becoming a negative thing, the attachment to their phone unwillingly takes priority.” Dr. Sharif also said, “Their phones are still the first thing they touch when they wake up and the last thing they touch before they go to sleep. That should be their partner.”

How digital detox can transform sex life

If you find that your phone and digital life are creating obstacles to having great sex between you and your partner, you should consider a digital detox. Sometimes we are so busy that we find less time to connect with our partners. Now many couples are spending more time scrolling online newsfeeds and feel the pressures of this fast-paced modern world. But sex is undeniably important to enhance our strong relationship. It helps us to feel more connected to our partners. Digital detox is usually used to reduce stress and anxiety in our daily lives. But it also can be useful to improve our sex life.