There are several home improvement projects that you can perform with your tax refund. Some are expensive and some can be accomplished on a budget. Building a kitchen island with a butcher block top will not cost you more than $400. But a custom-made kitchen island will cost you more than $2500. So, the cost mainly depends on the materials you are using.

Painting the exterior is the best option if you want to add a fresh appeal to your home. You can complete a 1500-square-foot hose painting for around $600 by doing it yourself. But A professional house painter will charge around $2,500 to paint the house.

Constructing a home fire pit is another good home improvement project you can complete with a tax refund. You can easily add a fire pit to your backyard which can help you to enjoy the outdoors for a long time after the sunset. The average cost of this fire pit construction will be not more than $1,400. But the cost mainly depends on the materials you choose. This fire pit will add a new dimension to your after-dusk family entertainment.

Some Energy-Efficient Home Improvements may help you to be eligible for a tax deduction. You can set up geothermal heat pumps at your home which can allow you to take one step forward to environment-friendly homes. A small wind turbine, as well as a solar energy system, also can be a good idea to design your eco-friendly home.