HR is now one of the most lucrative job opportunities that a person can pursue. So many people are thinking about working in the HR department in any corporation or company. As it is comparatively a new job position, so many people don’t know the career opportunity for it. Here are some of the career pathways for HR majors.


HR Assistant

This is an entry-level job for HR graduates. Fresh graduates enter into a job from this position and rise upwards after getting a promotion. Work experience also plays an important role here too. Simply completing an undergraduate degree from a university will make you able to apply for this position.


Woman in the office talking to virtual assistant

HR Coordinator

This position is also known as the recruiter. From the name, one can understand that people in this position recruit and deal with new employers in the company.  From payroll support, they provide administrative help in the workplace.


HR Specialist

An HR specialist is someone who has a specialization in the topic. In the job sector, they act as the main HR person depending on the situation. You need to have job requirements in this field.


HR Manager

This is the post for someone who looks at the overall situation of the workplace. Mostly every company has this post for the betterment of the workplace.