As education and careers have become so diluted, people are now confused while choosing their career path. For Biochemistry majors this is a big concern. Because it is a new subject, people don’t have much idea about its career path. Here are the career goals for the Bio Chem majors.


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Analytical Chemist

There are many pharmaceutical or chemical companies that require scientists who have knowledge in both chemistry and Biology. People with Bio chem majors can grab those jobs with a lucrative salary and great career prospects.


Data Scientist

People from this background are well-equipped with research knowledge. So, being a data scientist is a great idea. So many companies need various kinds of data about their work. A biochem major can provide insight into this regard.


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You can be independent or work in a firm as a researcher. People with this background have extensive knowledge about research and projects. So, after a bachelor’s degree in Beachem, you can work in a company as a researcher.


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Lab tech

This is a great way to start your career. If you are confused with your path of direction, you can enter as a lab tech and then decide what you want to choose as your career.