Job Prospects for Biotech Majors


Oftentimes people ask, “what would a biotech major do in life?” This only shows the lack of knowledge in the field. There are hundreds of well-paid jobs in the market for the major. Here are some of them to let other people know.


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Clinical technician

This is a serious job that requires a long job experience. People from a life science background can easily apply for such a position, as they have the background for it. Depending on the job title, and the experience, the salaries vary.


Chemical operator

In large production factories, there are people who control the chemical uses in the products. They are the ones who have knowledge of biotech. Companies offer them jobs with high salaries, as they are one of the important parts of production.  


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If you are into researching and making data about the small creature near us, this is a great post for you. A microbiologist is an an important part of pharmaceutical companies, food and beverage, and many more.


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DNA analyst

For forensics, this is the crucial part. DNA analysis is important for so many aspects of society. From law enforcement agencies to research labs about genetics, a DNA analyst is the key employee to run the agency.