Tech Gadgets for Cars


Cars are part of modern life. One cannot move or go places without them. So, having some modern gadgets can make the journey more comfortable and fun. Here are some of the suggestions.


Smart-rear view mirror

Simple rear-view mirrors are very common and useful. But installing a smart rear-view mirror can be very helpful. This tech contains so many features like showing you the back view of the car more widely and suggesting when to stop without any assistance from another person.


Credit: autonews


Mini tire air pump

This electric air pump is amazing. Especially, when you are in an emergency where the tier is out of the air, you can take help from it. This is a battery-charged air pump that uses a lithium battery to work.


Credit: bikerumor


Mini car fridge

If you are someone who goes on long drives and enjoys cold beverages, try to use this gadget on your next long drive. This mini fridge uses the power from the car to work and keeps your drink cool for a hot summer day.


Credit: carfridgefactory


Portable air purifier

Oftentimes roads can get dusty. This can turn down the air quality of the car. Try to use this new device to keep the air quality clean and make the air fresh for the people in the car.


Credit: smartairfilters