Investment Scams You Should Stay Out of


Investment plans are always looking lucrative. If some plan seems too good to be true, then you should stay far from it, as they can result in huge losses. Here are some proven and common investment scams that you should watch out for.


Social media Investments

It is very common nowadays to see an ad for investment that ensures you a certain amount of money within one to six months. Also, the revenue amount is huge, but no proper explanation of how the actual investment works. Stay out of those ads and don’t think about them.


Credit: worldfinancialreview

Gold scam

This seems so obvious that it is a scam. But still, people fall for it. Usually, people ask you for money by saying they want to start an operation in an abundant gold mine. The money is for buying tools and heavy machines and the return would be split according to the investment. This is a fraud.


Credit: investright


Crypto-currency investment

As this is the new medium of business, before investing you should get proper knowledge about it. So many people fake crypto-currency to scam people.


Credit: goodtimes

Real estate scams

If houses are sold at extremely low prices, or the deal seems too good to be true, this is a scam, and stay out of investing in those houses.