The tech industry has become so innovative that it is hard to keep up. The definition of smart home appliances changes so fast. Here are some of the recent smart home gadgets that would make your house more tech friendly and smooth.


Credit: acutec

Super-fast wi-fi router

If your daily routine or career requires a super-fast internet connection, then this type of router is going to be perfect for your house. They are way faster than the normal wi-fi router in your house and give you better coverage.


Credit: nbcnews

Automatic water shut off

This is a very important gadget for any household. What this gadget does is count everyday water use and keep the memory. Whenever the household uses more water than ever, they shut off the main water source. This is done to prevent water leakage.


Credit: housebeautiful

Grill monitor

Usually, you have to stand near your grill to check the food situation. With this digital grill monitor, you can be anywhere in the house and check the update of the food from your mobile.


Credit: arstechnica

Answering doors through the device

Answering machines for doors are common. With this new tech, you can answer the door from any gadget that it is connected to.