Well Paying Jobs That Don’t Require College Degrees


Jobs are not that easy to obtain. Many people spend a huge amount of time preparing for their dream careers. But some jobs pay well but don’t require a college degree.


Credit: icom

Commercial pilot

If you want to be an international pilot, you need to have a college degree for the job. But if you want to apply for domestic airlines, then having a college degree is not that important. Work experience and other qualities are enough for the job.


Storage, transportation, and distribution manager

This is a job where you work for any company that needs someone to manage their products and shift them to a particular place. No professional degree is required for it. Just having proper experience is good enough for his job.


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Power plant operators

This is a new job sector that has been introduced. To be eligible for this career, no college degree is required. Like the previous job, having experience in management and project handling is good enough for you.


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Transportation inspector

Every transportation company needs inspectors to check if their buses, or cars are working safely. The inspectors who check the car usually don’t have any specific diploma for the job. Having experience in the automobile industry is good enough for the job.