Instagram And Their Suspension Of Many Accounts


Instagram went down on October 31. This was shocking for many people as their main way to communicate with the world is Instagram now. But the real shocker was later, as many found out their account was suspended without any reason.


Credit: techjuice

What happened?

On November 01, the issue was solved. People got back their accounts. But when they asked about the reason behind this mess, the Instagram authority had no clear response. After the issue was resolved, many people did not get their accounts back and they are not happy about that incident.


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About the Meta

Being the parent company, meta had provided a statement about the issue. They said that they are well aware of the incident of many people losing their Instagram accounts without any warning or reason. Also, the company is working its best to resolve the issue so people can get back to their accounts.


Credit: cnbc

Users’ reaction

As expected, people are not happy about that. Lately, Instagram is having so many issues after the update. Many business accounts have been restricted and it is hampering their business policy. After November 1st people who didn’t get back their accounts are sharing their stories via Twitter and other social media.