Signs of “Pulling the Plug” For A Tech Project


The outcome of a tech project is helpful and satisfying for the users. In some circumstances, some projects are not worth it in the end. Here are some signs that you should end a project and start a new one.


Credit: tech

It is eating up the investment

Projects tend to have a large expenditure at the primary stage. If the project is not fruitful after it comes to an end and people are not interested in it, this is a clear sign that you should stop the project.


Not user-friendly

If you are working on a project that turns out not appropriate or necessary for the users, then investing in it is not a smart idea. At the end of the day, your project is for the betterment of the people.


People are moving in and out of the project

If you develop an app or some website, it should be appreciated by people. If they are not interested in the service and move away from it, you might need to think again about it.


Credit: martech

Developers are not on the affirmative side

When you observe the developers losing their homes in the project, it is a big sign that says the project is not worth it. As they are working on it, they understand where the project is going.