Elon Musk Decided To Complete His Purchase Of Twitter 


Elon Reeve Musk is the CEO and chief engineer of SpaceX. He s the richest person in the world according to Forbes’ real-time billionaire list.

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Now social media Twitter stock rose more than 22% at the close. Because Elon Musk has changed his mind and is once more recommending that Twitter be purchased for $54.20 per share. In a statement, the social media company acknowledged receiving the letter and stated, “The Company intends to close the transaction at $54.”

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In July, Twitter sued Mr. Musk after he attempted to back out of buying the company. The judge gave the parties until October 28 to reach a settlement. After announcing this week that he was financing a takeover, Mr. Musk claimed that litigation against Twitter was no longer necessary. Twitter says such a move is “an invitation to further mischief and delay.

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Twitter has filed a lawsuit to compel Tesla’s Elon Musk to close his deal to buy the social media platform. One bank lending money to the deal testified that it had not heard from him about plans to proceed and stated that it did not believe him.