Instagram Got Fined for Children’s Data Privacy


Instagram had a long-running issue with children’s data privacy. This was about their phone numbers and email addresses being open to certain people. On that matter, the court took the decision and fined Instagram.


Credit: searchenginejournal

They were fully engaged

The Meta official mentioned that they tried their best to protect the interest of the kids and teenagers by introducing new updates and features. Anyone under 18 would have a private account. The inquiry committee was fully engaged in this issue to find out the real deal.


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Major Breach

The DPC handles the tech side of the companies with other international headquarters. But the company has never seen such a breach in its system. Other tech companies have such issues, but they were not severe as this one. Also, this has the real potential to harm children by using Instagram.


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Final Thought

This is a demonstration of how unsafe our children are in the virtual world. The effective enforcement of child protection in social media should be stronger so no child has to face issues due to the social media issue. The prime minister has also taken initiative to make a stronger protection system to safeguard them.