Difference Between Custom and Spec Homes


Spec home is a home that has been made by the construction company as a prototype to showcase the quality of their service. And, custom houses are something that is built by the choice of the customer. The differences are many in this aspect.


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Matter of involvement

Usually, in a spec house, the deciding authority is the construction company. They take all the initiative in regard to the house plan, design, and budget. But in a custom house, the final decision is made by the person who owns the property and pays for it.


A spec house is generally not customizable. It is made by following the plan that the company thinks best represents the idea of a house in that particular area. But in a custom house, everything could be custom-made. The house owner has control of directing the house.


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A spec house comparatively takes a little amount of expense to be constructed. As the construction company builds the house with other houses, the cost can be managed. But a custom house takes a lot of money to be built. The fact that people try to add many benefits to the house makes it more expensive.


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The location of a spec house may be in the front of a particular area for the convenience of the people. But a custom house is built at the property where the owner wanted it to be.