Why Big Corporations Are Buying Single-Family Homes


It has become a common trend that large corporations are buying small family-size homes and rent them. This is a good business initiative for those people who are conducting the business, but not good for general people. There are reasons why business corporations are doing so.

Credit: housance

Obtaining the home equity

Purchasing a home comes with the home equity benefit. It simply means the homeowner can buy another property by showing the existing property to the bank as a mortgage option. As single homes are easy to purchase, corporations buy these homes to make a big investment. The more the company owns, the more they invest in it and gets ever larger.

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Use these properties for rentals

The main benefit of buying single-family properties is that they are good for rentals. As many families want to shift to their new homes, the profit margin is quite high on these properties. Corporations take the benefit of it to invest in it more. If done correctly, they can earn so much revenue from it that they return the mortgage on time.

Credit: city-journal

Have more control

It is seen that; larger corporations are investing more and more to buy properties in a single neighborhood to have control over the whole area. This is a great way to grow their power over a single area. Later they can construct any type of property over there, and no one can legally do anything, as the property owner is the corporation.