Politicians Are Being Targeted by Hackers In Australia


Australian government employees, news reporters, and politicians were under surveillance by an unknown hacker, who made fake news websites to downsize their reputation among people living outside Australia. In a recent project, the information was available by government agents.

Credit: pandasecurity

Threats were Espionage-motivated

The people behind the hacking are related to a hacker who was punished before for the same type of conduct regarding Chinese policy. The group is considered a China-based, espionage-motivated threat actor. The main intention of these people is to create chaos among people.

Credit: economictimes

Names were Anglo-Styled

The hackers have a special motive. Also, it is very well understood that they have done enough research to make their act believable to people who will read the fake news from the fake websites. The name that was used in that news was well thought Australian name.

Credit: japantimes

Focused groups

The hackers targeted those people who were related to energy-related issues. Especially people who worked for offshore energy policies were the main target for those people. Recently there is a project going on energy exploration in the South China sea. People related to this project were the main target.