Google Hangouts On The Web Will Be Upgraded To Google Chat


Google Hangouts have already lost in the market. The application has been replaced by Google chat. This is the latest renovation of the previous apps that have gained much popularity over a short period. Recently Google has mentioned that Hangouts on the internet will be upgraded to Google Chat.

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What more is coming?

Google hangouts will be replacing Google Chats in a short time. Also, the change will be a massive change, from top to bottom the functionality of the app would be changed. The transition would begin on November 1st. Google is pretty active in promoting this new app on its social pages.

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Google mentions that Google chat will offer close integration with other google workshop-related applications. Also, they will be adding more new features to make it collaborate with other apps so it becomes more convenient for people. The latest features on Google Chat include a gif picker and Spaces, which is a place for topic-based collaboration.

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Final thought

Earlier this year Google discontinued the Hangouts app from the IOS space and the app store. Although many people didn’t raise their voices regarding that, the company is working on it to make it more user-friendly and convenient.