Pro-US Propaganda Is Taken Down By Twitter And Meta


Twitter and Meta have actively removed online propaganda from their platform. Those online campaigns were promoting US issues abroad by twisting data and facts. This was for the first time that a giant tech company has taken steps to actively take down such issues. They tried to remove so many fake accounts in July and August, that they were spreading fake news to create issues internationally.

Credit: searchenginejournal

What might be the intention?

Still, the intention behind the activity is not detected. The researcher who works for Twitter mentions that the people who are running the propaganda have detected US and Uk as the presumptive regions of origin. On the other hand, Meta has been mentioned as a country of origin.

Credit: reuters

Who were the targets?

The targets of the propaganda were the middle east and central Asia, so the concept behind this act is somewhat presumable. The political nature might have influenced the act. Also, the accounts that were being used were created 5 years ago. So, the preparation for the work is not new. Also, the tech companies found that the campaigns used mirror facts to use that information against the west.

Credit: nytimes

These included creating fake photos of people by using artificially generated images. They were present on multiple social media to run their propaganda. The most concerning thing is, that they also had passed information from sources that required permission, and they were legitimate sources. How come that information was passed on to them is a concern now.