Instagram Comes Clean About Their Location Privacy


Some viral posts and videos have mentioned that Instagram’s “precise location” can set the exact location of the user by using IOS or Android. The allegation also includes that Instagram can send the exact location without the permission of the user. Some speculate that this has been the case since the recent update of the app. But Instagram has mentioned that this is simply not the case.

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What is a “Precise Location”?

The setting was first mentioned to iPhone and iOS device users in the annual operating system upgrade back in 2020. This was offered by both Google and Android. It provides the option to the user to share their accurate location via post or text. This was introduced by the app as other apps often want to know the current location to provide the service. But now, many people are criticizing the option.

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How does Instagram operate it?

Many people have claimed that when they post or share their days and reels, it can detect the accurate location. Even the city location can be selected easily. They want to say that this feature can be sued for criminal intent easily. As many influences have to share their location for their work.

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What did Instagram mention it?

As always, Instagram has denied the fact that their app is flashing the location of people by intention. The PR team of Instagram commented that “To be clear, we don’t share your location with others. Similar to other social media companies, we use the precise location for things like location tags and map features.” This quote is taken from their Instagram post.