Property Deal Breaker For Real Estate Clients


It is not possible to find a property that is similar to the taste of the client. But some points are considered a dealbreaker and should be avoided, no matter how much the house seems to look good.


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Problematic location

Location plays an important role when it comes to purchasing a house. You want your house to be in a position that is not too far from the main road and not too close either. But living in a location that takes hours to get in touch with your work or activities should be a deal breaker. You cannot accomplish any task being that far from the site. Often people find houses that are perfect according to their taste but at a long distance. These should be counted as Dealbreakers.


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Any kind of mold

Molds are one of the biggest “NO NO” for a house. A house having mold indicates that it was not taken care of properly and had a rough time with the previous owners. If the house is infested by a large amount of mold spread, consider it a deal breaker. As the house gets unable to live in, the mold starts to grow. Large mold is a sign of the walls getting damped, which is irrecoverable most of the time.


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Polybutylene Pipes

Back in the mid-1990 polybutylene pipes were banned because they were rupturing and causing property damage. They hurt the house. Purchasing a house that was built before the 90s should be checked thoroughly for these sorts of pipes.