Companies Should Not Pay Ransomware Demands And The Reason Behind It


Ransomware demands is a type of malicious software, malware, or a cyber hacker that hacked your company’s computer and demands money in exchange to solve it. Ethically and legally, the company should not pay ransomware.


Credit: techwireasia


It encourages the criminals

The criminals do understand why you are trying to pay them. If the companies pay according to their demand, it will encourage the cyber-criminals to flourish their works to other companies or the same company multiple times. They will understand that the company is helpless here, they have to pay eventually. Companies should not promote this type of confidence among hackers.


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The payment gets larger

If you expect the hackers will be satisfied after they receive the amount, you are probably wrong. They are not that ethical in the first place. If you agree to their terms, they will take advantage of your helplessness and make more money out of the company. The first provides a company with the decryption keys, while the second pays to ensure data is not deleted. It doesn’t work at the end properly.


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No assurance of the data being saved and resend

This is probably the worst thing that could happen to a company. After you pay the ransomware the demanded amount, you don’t get back the valuable data they hacked. This way the company becomes the ultimate loser. AS they are not ethical in the first place, there is no possibility that they are keeping all the data safe just for the sake of the company. According to a 2021 Sophos report, 92% of organizations don’t get all their data back.