The Most Common Reasons For Eviction Taking Place


Evictions are not rare cases. Every day eviction is taking place. The reasons behind it are more common than people think.

The tenant stops paying rent

Nonpayment is the biggest reason why people get eviction notices in rental and residential properties. During the pandemic, the eviction notice, for this reason, has grown a lot. Often this issue goes to court. Judges are very reasonable; they explain why failure to pay rent is the reason for eviction. However, lease enforcement can be another explanation behind this. Sometimes these papers are complicated and people get confused by all the terms and conditions.

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The tenant damaged the property

Another common reason for the eviction notice is the renter was making a mass. Tenants often create a situation that decreases the property value. Consequently, the managing authority of the property or the owner sends an eviction notice to move the person who is causing the damage. It is also common for the tenants to face a lawsuit for their activity. However, if the damage was done by accident, the case might take a different turn. The damage could be mitigated in exchange for a safety deposit. But the damage has to be reasonable enough.

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The tenant violated the lease

While signing the lease agreement, the renter has to agree on a few things. During the time of residing on a rented property, if the tenant has violated any of the agreement provisions, the owner can send them an eviction notice. Violation of agreement can include unapproved occupants, unauthorized pets, nuisance complaints, and improper rental use. Often just not following the basic rule can earn you an eviction notice.

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