Things You Need For Constructing An Accessory Dwelling Unit


AUD, also known as Accessory Dwelling Unit is a financially great decision for properties that have enough open space. Homeowners need a proper plan about the necessary materials for an AUD unit.

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Site clearing and building pad preparation

Before any construction, it is necessary to locate the site and conduct some essential work on it. For example, looking for any fault, pipeline under the earth, big chunks of rocks, etc. A permit from the city council is also mandatory to construct an AUD. After the permit is ready, make the ground ready for constructing the pad for the house.

Foundation and underground footings

AS this is not a high-rise building, permanent piling is not necessary. Instead, using thick slabs to act as a foundation is good enough for any AUD house. After constructing enough slabs according to the plan, go for underground utilities. Such as Sewerage pipes, water pipes, gas connections, and more. But nowadays people are using energy-efficient and reusable utilities to save nature and limit pollution.

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Adding structure rebar

After underground work is done, start to design the main frame of the house. For a general ADU, the basic structure is made out of wood. Using concrete for the base gives the unit a steady footing. Create the structure of the house according to the design.

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Include roofing and other amenities

After adding the roof to the structure, place the walls and all the important apparatus for a house. Try to go for green, energy-efficient household items to make them more sustainable.