Should You Post Your Resume On Social Media?


Nowadays social media is playing a vital role in our life. Some popular social media apps like TikTok becomes the main source of entertainment. Sometimes these platforms are an important dash of news and information. Some people use these platforms as an endless stream of career advice and tips. Here we are discussing different TikTok resumes tools as well as the benefits and drawbacks of posting your resume on this social network.

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TikTok resumes can be fun to create and share. It can highlight your strengths easily. So, many TikTok users post their resumes to promote their skills. But it is not very effective in the current scenario. . It is time-consuming and provides limited space to present one’s bio. Till now employers don’t consider this platform the most viable recruiting tool. Most hiring managers are comfortable with a paper resume. 

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In July 2021, TikTok launched the TikTok Resumes program. It was a pilot program to encourage job search efforts. Many well-known companies invited people to apply for entry-level positions through the app.

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Executive search consultant Rob Barnett said, “If you start using the TikTok Resumes feature, you’ll cut the line and be considered for interviews faster than countless job seekers who think this is a fad.”