Red Flags To Spot In A Home Inspection Report


Home inspections are non-invasive and visual examinations of the condition of a residential real estate. If your home gets a positive report from the inspection report, you are free from further tension. So, you need to check for the essential red flags in an inspection report.

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Prevailing issues and the need for an upgrade

Every home is not perfect. Some minor issues can be found in every household. If some problems are bugging for a long time and are not curable, this is a red flag. Problems regarding the safety issues are most concerning. When the remodeling cost crosses a rational level, it becomes a huge problem. If renovating a bathroom takes more than a monthly mortgage, it is considered a red flag.

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Foundation and drainage

For a buyer, it is hard to determine the functioning quality of the foundation and drainage system of the house. Poor foundation and inefficient drainage are remarkable red flags. These are the aspects of a house that people don’t get to observe closely. But these affect the quality of life. Home inspectors specifically look for drain pipes that are constructed higher than the street level. The piling issue is also a safety concern.


Molds are something that no owner wants to face in their houses. A house inspector has to inspect the basement or near a water pipe to find if there is any mold. A moldy household is a big red flag. Not only do molds decrease the value of the house but also, but lower the quality of living standards. In addition, House molds are considered a nightmare for home inspectors.

Obsolete plumbing issues

During the home examination, a poor plumbing job is a clear red flag. A bad job in plumbing not only decreases the quality of life but also leads to other major house issues, like water damage and molds. In addition, it is also very hard to repair or renovate plumbing systems as it is generally located under the floors. Plumbing is a nightmare for any home inspector as they have to dig deep to locate the problem.

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Problematic electric system

An electric system is hazardous when it is functioning all right. So, it is very easy to understand how much of a danger it is to live in a house with bad electric wiring. It is a concerning matter for the home inspector as it requires much dedicated and precise checking to detect any abnormality with the electrical system. To determine and detect the issue, an inspector has to look closely and be very careful.