Jobs That Are Best Suited As A Second Career


Career change is a pivotal point for any adult. Whatever is the reason behind changing the first career, there is always an option to choose an alternative career that is preferable.

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The majority of the people choose the teaching profession as their second job. This is a great career path as the education system lacks quality teachers. Moreover, According to the BLS, high school teachers make $61,660 a year.

Tax Preparer

If a person is good with calculation, a tax preparer is a good career choice for them. The job doesn’t require any certified public accountant (CPA) designation and years of expertise. Also, this can open paths for other accounting jobs. On average, tax preparers earn an annual salary of $50,264.

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Real Estate Agent

With a high school diploma or a college degree, it’s very easy to work as a real estate agent. If you have an excellent understanding of how investing in real estate works, it is a great opportunity to dive into real estate. With an annual income of $48,930, it can be a great second career.

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