The Better Resale Value Of Kitchen Cabinets


Kitchen cabinets have the capacity to change the outlook of any ordinary kitchen into a stylish one. Depending on the condition, kitchen cabinets can differ in value.

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Paint finishes

The most useful and easy way to decorate the kitchen cabinet is to apply paint. It is the oldest method of decorating a home. Painting is still popular among house owners due to its simplicity and affordability. There are mainly four types of paint styles currently dominating the market; matte paint, semi-gloss paint, satin paint, and enamel paint. Often the resale value depends on the style of the paint. The buyers notice if the paint finish is good enough to reuse without any touch-ups. Those cabinets are valued high during the sale. If the paint quality is not accommodating, then the next best thing the buyers look for is how easily they can strip the paint to apply a new coat of paint to redecorate. Matte-finished cabinets look cool but hard to clean, they contain a bit less value in the resale market. So, while choosing a painting style, consider this issue.

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Laminate finishes

Laminate is a plastic-like material that is used to cover the cabinets. High-Density Plastic Laminate is shortly known as HDPL. It provides a coat of protection and shines on the kitchen cabinets. Resale values for this type of kitchen cabinet are high if they are in a good condition. Due to being coated with plastic-like material they are prone to scratches and marks. Redecorating or renovating is an option but it does look bulky and unpolished at the end. Sellers can generate good revenue if the cabinets are in mint condition, but if not, then the resale value might be different than other styles of cabinets.

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The current trend for kitchen cabinet shade

One of the essential and most used kitchen appliances is the kitchen cabinet. Depending on the key consideration, color contrast, and overall aesthetic of the kitchen, people are more into installing light cabinets. Most homeowners prefer their cabinets to be lightly shaded. Medium tone wood and grey hold the second and third place when choosing a color for kitchen cabinets.

People also consider the contrast between the cabinet shade and the wall color. The two-tone cabinet color is now in trend. The shade of the wall is kept a bit dark so the cabinets pop from the wall. The wall color should be dark blue, green, or black if the light shade cabinet is set. Additionally, a neutral wood color cabinet is also in style. Wood shades with a light texture like medium oak are perfect for wooden kitchen cabinets.