Some Common Home Maintenance Mistakes


Home maintenance is a responsibility that directly affects the resident of the house. Common mistakes that homeowners do:

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Failing to address water damage

Water damage is a serious problem, it can get severe if not properly repaired. Busted pipes and water leaking from tubes or tanks are the main reason for the water damage. Due to the position of water pipes, it is often hard to fix water damage in time. Sometimes the damage is hidden and due to a lack of knowledge and experience, new homeowners face difficulties. Not repairing the pipes on time can result in fungus, and wood dampening, which can cost a lot of money in the long run.

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Ignoring appliance management

There are a lot of electronic appliances in a house that requires maintenance in a timely order. If those are ignored for a long time, homeowners have to renovate in the future. For instance: the fridge and refrigerator require coil cleaning, which is located in the back of it. Over time it collects dust and losses its efficiency. The oven and kitchen chimney also needs routine cleaning. Additionally, the washing machine collects lint which can clog the pipes if not taken out, water purifier gets messed up by sediments. If not properly cleaned and cared for, they can cost you money.

Not checking windows

A non-functioning window can cause a damped wall and the owner might not even be aware of it. If the window is not properly waterproofed then rainwater might get passed by the window, which over time damages the wall.

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Not lubricating iron gates

Homeowners often forget or don’t care to lube the joints of the main gate. This causes rusting over time and stuck doors. Properly oiled garage doors and main gates can save money by avoiding repairing.