Preferred Office Location in Post Pandemic


Covid’s situation has impacted the economic situation of the world. Different measures had to be taken to deal with the pandemic. Slowly but surely, we have started to observe changes in the workplace and work methods.

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Many companies are taking steps based on their circumstances. But the main issue is not everyone is capable to comply with the change. Due to many reasons, the job market is experiencing declination. Many businesses are moving from the metro area to the urban and suburban areas.

Interestingly, moving to urban and suburban opened a new dimension for many businesses. They are enjoying many benefits like less rental costs or a comparatively lower tax rate. As result business owners are earning more profit than earlier.

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Big tech companies, Amazon, Facebook is expanding their office to more suburban areas. Assumptions can be made that many national businesses are considering settling in these areas. This can be considered an obvious indication of preference over metro and CBDs.

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Employees are also preferring to work in the new shifted areas. Because the lifestyle here is more comfortable than in the metro area. Certainly, they are more satisfier in their new workplace.