Know About The Nursing Profession


A registered nurse takes care of patients and supports them to get well properly.  They also provide advice and emotional support to the patients’ families. It is a novel profession and many qualified people like to perform this great job in their life. If you are among those people who want to be a registered nurse, you should have a clear idea about this novel profession.

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Duties and responsibilities

A registered nurse can work in different sections such as critical care, addiction, oncology, and neonatology. Some nurses work in multiple specialties like pediatric oncology. Nurses also provide primary or specialty care to patients. There are many categories of the nursing profession. Some act as clinical nurse specialists while some can work as practitioners and nurse-midwives.

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Registered nurses assess and monitor patients’ health by observing symptoms, and reactions to treatment and care. They also have extensive interaction with patients’ families to ensure the aftercare measures. Their duties mainly depend on patients’ health conditions as well as the physician’s advice.

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A registered nurse’s salary may vary in different locations. It also can fluctuate in different institutions. A registered nurse working in a hospital may earn a higher salary than a nurse working with a private physician. But the median annual salary in this profession is more than $70,000. But this can vary depending on location, institutions, and experience.