How To Change Careers Without Getting A New Degree?


Changing careers is a common part of our professional life. Professionals change jobs from 10 to 15 times over the course of their careers. But changing a career doesn’t always mean that you have to spend lots of time and money to get a new degree. In fact, it is possible to change careers without going back to school. You just have to make some realistic plans for the future to embark on a new career path.

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Make a list of transferable skill

Not all skills require a university degree. Some skills are transferable which can help you to determine your qualifications. Try to use the available network connections and conduct some formal conversations with some different professionals. When you talk with different professionals who love their job, you can realize what career is right for you. Then you can make a list of skills that are specifically required for your target job.

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Fill the gap

We all have some personal skill gaps. So, it’s better to identify those gaps and try to fill those as required. If the current skill set does not quite match your desired job, find some affordable way to manage the gap. There are many free online courses online that can help you to develop your skills.

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Do some voluntary tasks

Many hiring managers search for interested workers to perform as a volunteer. Try to take those chances to get some experience based on your transferable skills and motivation. When you acquire some relevant job experience, you can apply for a better position later. So, always look for opportunities that can help you to develop skills. These jobs will help you to learn something which may contribute to your new career direction.