Intelligence Agencies Are Investigating The Hacking Of Viasat


The USA satellite communications provider Viasat was hacked on the day of its invasion of Ukraine. It is thought that Russia was behind the most massive cyber-attack. This significant cyber-attack affected military, government, as well as public communications.

Credit: vemsolutions

Western intelligence agencies have been investigating this cyber-attack. Though experts have not yet made a public accusation, they anticipated that Russia has hacked these satellite communications to wipe out devices on the day the invasion began. However, Ukraine has proved that they are more resilient to cyber-attacks. This cyber-attack also affected other countries in Europe.

Credit: viasat

Viasat is a communication satellite that provides communications through a network of satellites. Viasat told that they had to replace some customers’ modems after the attacks. But the core network infrastructure and the satellite itself were not damaged. Viasat said in a statement, “Viasat is actively working with distributors to restore service for those fixed broadband users in Europe impacted by this event.”

Credit: bbc

The western intelligence agency said, “Were it to be ultimately attributed to Russia, it would very much fit with what we expect them to do, which is use their cyber-capability to support their military campaign.” The US cyber-authorities have warned, “aware of possible threats to US and international satellite communication networks.”