With the right planning, you can perform easy home upgrades on a budget. The easiest way to add a refreshing look to your home is by painting. It is also a low-rate home-improvement upgrade that can rearrange your reality.

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Adding a low-cost stair runner is another good way to bring brilliant depth to your home. It also can be a good solution to your slippery stairs. This DIY home up-gradation will not cost you more than $300.

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The old-fashioned floor doesn’t fit with the modern home environment. To match your fresh and energetic personality, you can renew the floor with colors that are possible within a limited budget. You can easily paint the floor in a different pattern according to your preference. It will add a new fresh look to your home.

You can make a kitchen cabinet with solid wood. Longevity and availability of a wide range of natural colors are the main benefits of using solid wood in your kitchen. These are easily customizable and your kitchen stays always in style. In contrast, it is expensive and very reactive to humidity. You also need to maintain this wooden cabinet with non-abrasive equipment.

Besides you can apply fiberboard or laminate to redesign your kitchen cabinet. Fiberboard adds a smooth and even grain feeling to your kitchen. You will love the stability and flexible styling of this fiberboard. If you make a kitchen cabinet with a fiberboard, you can repaint it whenever you wish. But it is not heat resistant and unable to sand out from fiberboard.

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Like melamine, laminate has multiple layers to prevent chips and scratches. You can choose any of your favorite colors as a wide range of colors and finishes are available. It is also easy to clean. However, the laminating board is very costly.