Disadvantages of Excessive Meeting


A meeting is a good way to share instructions or performance activities. Our official culture used to with this meeting and discussion. It is true that some sorts of meetings are useful to run smoothly our working environment. But the excessive meeting may hamper our professional performance. Here we have discussed the disadvantages of excessive meetings and shared some suggestions to overcome this.

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Meeting blocks may reduce our work productivity. So, it is wise to schedule meeting consecutively. It helps us to focus on our work. Arranging meeting into our daily workflow is also another good practice to avoid any distortions. In this case, set firm deadlines so that all meeting participants try hard and soul to comply with the meeting schedule.

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Meetings usually take a lot of time. Sometimes it is just a waste of time for some workers. It invited some employees who are not needed there at all. If it is not a participatory meeting, it could be a total loss of time and money. Because the loudest persons can dominate the full conversations of the meeting. So, it is mandatory to make sure that every meeting is participatory where everyone gets a chance to share their opinions and update their activities.

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Many meeting scheduling apps are available for users. These apps offer many features including letting others schedule meetings with you or schedule multiple meetings on a single platform. I take the help of these meeting apps to inform participants about the meeting. These apps are also helpful to find a suitable time for scheduling a meeting.