Paris’ Largest Taxi Firm Suspended The Use Of Tesla Model 3


After a fatal accident, Paris’ largest taxi firm G7 has suspended the use of Tesla Model 3 cars. France’s transport minister also expressed his thought about this electric vehicle.

Credit: teslarati

Last week one person was killed and another 20 injured while driving this model. The driver lost control of the vehicle. The taxi driver was off-duty and he had been taking his family to a restaurant. An investigation into charges of manslaughter and unintentional injury has been opened by Paris prosecutors. However, Tesla has denied any technical problems with the car. They claimed that it has self-driving features such as automatic steering so the accident didn’t happen due to the car’s technical issue.

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France’s Transport Minister Jean-Baptiste Djebbari said there was no suggestion that the accident was linked to a technical problem. Tesla’s technology allows its vehicles to automatically, accelerate, steer and brake. The taxi firm accused Tesla of being misleading. They claimed that the vehicle doesn’t use a technology that can drive the car automatically. Rather drivers have to maintain control and attention at all times.

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Tesla has marketed the feature as “full self-driving”, They called the new model “Autopilot”. Some users have also abused the system by using their phones while driving the car or switching car seats and leaving no driver at the wheel. Previously US authorities also opened an official investigation for the Autopilot system.