Instagram Has Announced New Features


Instagram has announced some changes ahead of political grilling. The popular app is under pressure for the excessive usage of the platform by teens. US Senators are concerned about online safety and investigating it with Instagram chief Adam Mosseri. That’s why recently Instagram chief due to appear before the Senators.

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It is heard that new features will help teenagers as well as parents to manage time spent on the app. Through this feature, the parents will be able to check how much time their children spend on Instagram. It also allows the parents to set time limits. Teens will also get a reminder to take a break.

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The internal research of this popular social media app suggested that teens are blaming Instagram for their anxiety. The France Haugen’s leaked documents incident has increased the rate of anxiety among the teens. The US Senate Committee advised the Instagram authority to use Instagram’s internal information for ensuring child safety.

The social media consultant Matt Navarra said about these changes, “Instagram’s boss will want to have something new and meaningful to show US senators when they grill him… the new features will give worried parents more tools to help keep their children safe when using Instagram, but many will wonder why it has taken them so long to act.”

Mr. Mosseri announced the launch of the new feature which is named “take-a-break”. He explained, “If someone has been scrolling for a certain amount of time, we’ll ask them to take a break from Instagram and suggest that they set reminders to take more breaks in the future.”

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He also wrote, “While available to everyone, I think this tool is particularly important for teens to more fully understand what information they’ve shared on Instagram, what is visible to others, and to have an easier way to manage their digital footprint.”