Home Working May Harm Career Advancement


During this coronavirus pandemic, most of the companies introduced work-from-home initiatives. Though now workers are returning to the office, many employees still especially female employees like to continue working from home. But experts warned that home working may reduce professional skills and harm employees’ career growth. Because still, office interaction is playing a vital role in the rapid development of companies as well as employees’ career.

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The Bank of England (BoE) economist Catherine Mann explained that still many women were tied to home working. Especially the mothers who are facing school disruptions and difficulty accessing childcare.

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Online communication has indeed developed several times than earlier. But spontaneous office conversations are very important for effective recognition and advancement. Ms. Mann stated, “Virtual platforms are way better than they were even five years ago. But the extemporaneous, spontaneity – those are hard to replicate in a virtual setting.”

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It had been easier for men to return to the office. But many women were continuing to work from home. So, Ms. Mann said, “There is the potential for two tracks. There are the people who are on the virtual track and people who are on a physical track. And I do worry that we will see those two tracks develop, and we will pretty much know who’s going to be on which track, unfortunately.”