Jenny Best Is Creating An Online Database To Help Parents


The Brooklyn-based public relations consultant Jenny Best was busy with her “really big idea”. Because now she wanted to create a “Wikipedia of baby food” which can help parents introduce solid food to their children.

Credit: solidstarts

The former ballerina for the New York City Ballet wants to make a resource that can be used free of cost. That’s why she doesn’t interested to create a linked app and website business. These may charge users to get healthy baby food recipes. Users in 180 countries have downloaded Jenny Best’s app. Now she is using Instagram to reach a wide number of mums and dads around the world. She is sharing her journey feeding and weaning her three kids.

Credit: solidstarts

Ms. Best said, “At first, I was devastated [by the bad timing]. How do you launch a business in the pandemic? But our engagement was insanely high because everyone was at home on their phones.” Ms. Best also said, “Never underestimate a mom, in a pandemic, with a phone.”

Credit: foodiekid

Solid Starts is not the only parenting Instagram account followed by first-time mum.  Bridey Wood from Melbourne, Australia also has an Instagram that supports mums. Ms. Wood said, “[Being a new mum] is a time when you’re overwhelmed and don’t know who to talk to. I wanted someone to spoon-feed me information in a format that was easy.”