Is Boeing’s 737 Max Is Still Not Safe?


Boeing’s 737 Max is considered one of “the most scrutinized transport aircraft in history”. However, many experts believe Boeing’s 737 Max is still not safe. Here we have tried to investigate.

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The aircraft has been grounded after two catastrophic accidents. US regulators identified several potentially serious problems of 737 Max. But now Boeing is announcing that the aircraft is both safe and reliable.

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Recently a 737 Max took off from Boeing Field airport in Seattle. It was a delivery flight and the owner of the travel group Tui took this brand-new plane to start work. In this 5,000-mile journey, the pilots have experienced an urgent “flight control problem”. The pilots reported that they had to turn back. Fortunately, the aircraft landed safely afterward.

The former senior safety engineer at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Joe Jacobsen said, “If they are not manufacturing-related”, he says “then we have a problem with the system safety analysis, as I don’t believe we would have predicted this number of failures is such a short time span with such a small fleet of aircraft.”

A Canadian expert in flight control systems Gilles Primeau said, “a fundamental concept for safety-critical systems is that if the effects and severity of a failure cause a hazard, then the frequency of occurrence should be made infrequent enough by design… loss of horizontal stabiliser position can be catastrophic”.

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Later the FAA authority said, “When we returned the 737 Max to service, we noted that routine incidents would occur with the aircraft, just as they do with every other make and model of aircraft. The FAA addresses these issues through the same Continued Operational Safety process that we provide for the entire US commercial fleet. We have seen no reported incidents attributable to the redesigned automated flight control system on the Max.”