A job recruiter has to check thousands of resumes. It is very difficult to look at all the details of the resume of any candidate. So, most of the recruiters look for some specific points in a resume. The candidates need to be aware of these points. It may help them to get as many interviews as possible.

Geographical area

At first, recruiters want to know the address of any candidate. They want to make sure that the location of the candidate is matched with the job location. If the job is a remote job, the recruiters may not be interested in the location of the candidates. But location is important for those jobs that require you to come into the office.

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Work experience

The next thing that recruiters look at the resume is the recent work experience of the applicant. The experience and qualifications related to the job are very important to be shortlisted. If the two to three most recent jobs are relevant, the recruiters may consider you as a potential candidate.

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Relevant achievements

If you have relevant or exceptional achievements, your resume will stand out. Mention all the measurable accomplishments in your resume. It is wise to write those in bullets. Because it helps recruiters to identify those points easily.

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Educational qualifications

It is an important factor that every recruiter values. Recruiters always look for relevant educational backgrounds while choosing candidates.  So, the relevant educational background is very essential to get the desired job.