Court Denied A Plea By Apple To Delay Changes To Its App Store


As a result of the landmark legal battle between Epic Games and Apple, a US federal judge has denied the plea to delay changes to Apple’s App Store. ThoughApple won the legal fight, it could no longer ban developers from asking customers about non-Apple payment options.

Credit: wired

Apple has appealed against that ruling and applied for permission to delay implementing the change while its appeal is ongoing. Now the app developer can request the customers to use non-Apple payment options who don’t use Apple’s payment system. So, now the developers don’t need to pay Apple’s 15-30% cut of sales.

Credit: wccftech

In September, Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers found that Apple is not performing a monopoly for the way it handles its App Store. She also said the fees Apple is charging are not illegal. She wrote, “Success is not illegal,” she wrote. She also wrote in her ruling, “Apple’s motion is based on a selective reading of this court’s findings and ignores all of the findings which supported the injunction.”

Credit: economictimes

She also wrote in her judgment, “Other than, perhaps, needing time to establish guidelines, Apple has provided no credible reason for the court to believe that the injunction would cause the professed devastation.” Then she added, “Links can be tested by app review. Users can open browsers and retype links to the same effect; it is merely inconvenient, which then, only works to the advantage of Apple.”