Importance of Password Authentication


Online security is now the top of mind for anyone who uses a computer. Most hacking-related data breaches are caused by weak, or misused passwords. So, most enterprises are trying to move into the world of password authentication. This authentication process ensures a greater degree of security. It also can prevent phishing attacks by increasing efficiency and user experience.

Credit: sinceindependence

Because of some recent data breaches, password authentication become more popular among many organizations. Major business organizations are implementing password authentication. Changing the passwords for all online platforms may seem complicated. But it is very important to ensure online security. Because if you use one particular password on numerous sites, it may increase the risk of being hacked.


Even the strongest passwords are vulnerable and can be hacked via brute force attacks. Many complicated algorithms don’t also work in those cases. So, password authentication is important to add some extra security to your online existence.

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By utilizing two-factor authentication, users can establish a two-tiered login system. In this system, you have to enter a password at the first step. Then you need to confirm your identity via a code number. The number is usually delivered by text message or phone call to your registered number. Sometimes biometric criteria such as a fingerprint or recognition tool are used to verify a user’s identity.