How Long Should a Cover Letter Be?


If you want to be a selected candidate, you must need to be careful about the cover letter word count. As it presents your credibility and professionalism to the employer, it is a very important point to consider. Here are some tips that may help you to get more jobs interviews by writing less in your cover letter.

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The word count of a cover letter depends on some points like the job position, company structure, and your presentation style. Usually, it shouldn’t be more than 250 words. The ideal cover letter should be between 75 and 250 words in length.

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Whether it is printed or email cover letters employers always like to have a simple and concise cover letter that explains everything in a specific way. If you have any gaps in employment or want to make any change in your career path, you may need to explain a little bit. In this case, the cover letter might be longer than usual. But if you are in the same industry and within the current industry, you don’t need to prepare a lengthy cover letter.

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Always try to stand out by being different so that you get your cover letter read not just skimmed. If you send a long cover letter employers may not be interested to go through it. In most the cases, hiring manager read the second or third paragraph of a cover letter and is unlikely to go through to the end. So, it is always wise to be specific and concise while writing a cover letter.