What Should You Check Before Submitting a Cover Letter?


Writing a cover letter is not easy. You have to spend lots of time completing a cover letter. When you finish writing, you may hurry to submit it. But before making that final step, the expert suggests double-checking the letter to make it error-free. Your cover letter is representing you to the organization you are applying for the job. So, you should be very serious about this letter. Here are some tips for you.

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Keep it short

Hiring managers don’t have much time or nerves to go through your lengthy cover letter. They don’t expect cover letters that look like essays. So, try to prepare a shorter cover letter that can impress hiring managers.

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Be sure about the hiring manager’s name

Before submitting your cover letter make sure that you are addressing the right person. This is important because it indicates that you are focused and relevant to the job posting. It also indicates that you made an effort to find out more about the company.

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Use correct information

A great cover letter must include all the important information related to the candidate. So, you need to be careful while sharing any information in a cover letter. Before submitting it check that your email address and phone number are correct.

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Check any grammatical error

Your cover letter must be all spelling and grammatical error-free. Sometimes we are used to typing in hurry. As a result, we do mistakes in spelling. But it is not expected in any cover letter. You should double-check the cover letter for any spelling errors. Nowadays you can get help from any software to check grammar and spelling.