Why We Should Back To Office?


The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically altered how we work and live. People are getting used to working from home. But for professional development and maintaining office culture, we may need to back workplace.

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It is true some work can be done from home. But some professional works demands a professional workplace. Many of us don’t have a suitable environment to work from home. Professional works require continuous connection of the internet and other supplies to deliver the best output. Sometimes we need the support of our managers and colleagues. Working from home may not provide all the equipment and professional support that some of us demand.

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While working remotely, we are facing some issues. But as long we cannot move to the physical office, we have to maintain some norms. Mutual trust and good understanding are very important for a remote work environment. Now companies can utilize different software like zoom, skype, and different technology such as webcam to monitor the work progress in a remote work environment. Companies can use different web platforms to evaluate remote workers.

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Working from home may allow you to stay close to your family members. However, it is creating distance among workers. To stay connected you may participate in a zoom meeting with office colleagues where you can share work progress and know about different other projects that are working. You can use online platforms to chat with your colleagues. During coffee time, consults with your managers about thoughts or you may discuss with colleagues to know their opinions.