What Is Remote Leadership ?


Remote leadership is a growing concept in global economies. It indicates leading a team from a distance. Especially in this coronavirus outbreak, many companies are operating remotely. Most of the teams are performing their duties from a remote place. So, distance leadership becomes the major technique to lead any team.

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Remote leadership is quite different from regular leadership. In remote leadership, there is no or limited physical and face-to-face contact. In regular leadership things like a quick meeting, a hello, a chat during the lunch break and a continuous appreciation for good work can be possible. But in a remote leadership, the team need to rely on zoom meeting, text message at slack or email for official communication.

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To make remote leadership effective leaders need to emphasize regular communication and follow-up meeting. It is important to use online work tracking techniques so that leaders can monitor the progress and provide feedback.

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The best leadership style for remote workers is participatory leadership. In this leadership, leaders invite their employees to provide input about business decisions. It is a democratic style to engage them in goal setting, decision-making, planning. Thus, workers’ engagement, as well as responsibilities increase and they, feel more empowered.