New Internal Research Found “Pretty Bad” Effects Of Instagram On Its Younger Users


New research conducted by Facebook suggests that Instagram has a quite bad effect on the mental health of its younger users. However, the Facebook authority has been unwilling to share with the public. But The Wall Street Journal recently got access to these in-depth studies.


The study report comes to the public when Facebook is planning to launch a version of Instagram, especially for the children. The internal holistic research report presented a bleak picture of the detrimental effects of Instagram. It has been emphasized on the effects of using an app like Instagram on younger users, particularly teenage girls.


Different social media or image sharing platforms like Instagram is a powerful forum that encourages “social comparison”. In these platforms people especially teenagers start judging one’s value, attractiveness. They usually evaluate their success based on comparisons with others.

Teenage girls are often blasted with images of idealized bodies on Instagram, and content on the app’s Explore page. This often harms these users’ mental health. As one slide from an internal Facebook presentation put it: “We make body image issues worse for one in three teen girls.”


Furthermore, Facebook’s internal research also revealed some interesting effects of Instagram on younger users. According to the teens’ statement, the usages of Instagram can increase the rate of anxiety and depression. The teen also mentioned that they felt “addicted” to Instagram and wanted to check it less often.