Different Types Of Career Mentors


Mentors are valuable career assets. They can provide knowledge, guidance on your career. You may get access to broader networks that can give you honest and valuable feedback. A perfect mentor can show you different paths to succeed. They can guide you to handle different situations. Mentors are a key asset to develop your skills. It opens opportunities that may help you in career development. To get the right guidance, it is important to choose the right mentor for you. You need to consider some points while selecting your mentors.

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Firstly, you have to contact someone you know. If you have an established relationship, you may have a straight discussion that you are seeking help with. You can ask your mentor about the specific area you want to improve. An informal call or discussion can be enough to start a longer-term mentoring relationship.

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Secondly, you can take guidance from the manager you are moving on. Sometimes your senior colleagues can be performed as your mentor. If you have a good rapport, you can share your limitations and learn how to overcome those. This type of mentorship is very useful due to a closed contract. As your mentor knows the context you are working in, they can suggest you or guide you better.

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Finally, you can get mentorship from that person whom you don’t know well. It is the best way to have some vague association. Try to get in touch with that person who influences you or motivates you. You can build a professional relationship with that person which may help you to establish credibility.